What are the grades of plywood?

Plywood is often classified according to grades. The most common grades are:

  • A: Sanded, few knots, knots plugged.
  • B: Sanded, more knots, large knots plugged.
  • C: Unsanded, more knots, knots tight.
  • D: Unsanded, large knots, missing knots and holes.
  • PG: Unsanded, more large knots, missing knots and holes.

These grades are based on the quality of the veneer on the face and back of the sheets. The following photographic examples should help to illustrate the differences between the grades:

Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade PG
Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade PG

What types of plywood are there?

There are basically four (4) types of plywood:

  • Interior: Water resistant, not waterproof.
  • Exterior: Waterproof, but not for immersion.
  • Structural: Water resistant, not waterproof.
  • Marine: Suitable for immersion, very expensive.
Can you cut-to-size for me?

Yes. As an added service to our clients, Richards Plywood & Panel Products can cut your plywood to size. Whether you are making a wardrobe, packing crate, or even a possum box, Richards Plywood & Panel Products is there to help. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Do you deliver to X?

Yes. Even though we make it possible for our clients to pick their orders from us directly, Richards Plywood & Panel Products also offers prompt delivery anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area. Standard delivery times are between 7.30am and 5.30 pm, however, if you require delivery outside of these times, please provide this information to our sales representative so that they may make the appropriate arrangements.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, Richards Plywood & Panel Products accepts credit card payments. Currently, the following transaction methods are available: American Express, Bankcard, Visa, Mastercard, and EFTPOS. Payments via cheque (if you have an account with us) or cash are also available.

Credit Cards Accepted
What is Interior Plywood?

Interior Plywood is manufactured from various hardwood and softwood timber species, and is is intended for use in interior applications, such as wall lining, furniture, door skins and ceiling linings.

What is Exterior Plywood?

Exterior Plywood is a high quality plywood manufactured with a high grade face and a lesser grade back, and is suitable for fully or semi exposed applications, such as hoardings, signs and cladding.

What is Marine Ply?

Marine Plywood is manufactured from selected species with A grade surfaces that are sanded both sides. As the name would suggest, Marine Plywood is perfect for boat and yacht construction and other marine applications.

What is Structural Ply?

Structural Plywood is manufactured from softwood veneers. The most common grades of structural plywood available are C/C, D/D and C/D. Structural Plywood is a very stable and workable type of plywood, with numerous applications for the building, shop fitting and cabinet making industries.

What is Formply?

Formply is made of a high-density overlay (HDO) of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to plywood. Formply is ideal for concrete formwork. The overlay helps to protect the hardwood face veneer and provides a sound surface for the poured concrete.

What is Palet Grade (PG) Ply?

This is a nonstructural product with unrestricted holes, knots and splits that is an economical choice for pallets, crates and general packaging.